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Carpe' Crab (The Bust-A-Gut Getaway for Guys)

The name says it all — "seize the crab," because this trip’s all about Southern Maryland’s great guy pastimes ... fishing, crabbing and feasting on seafood! The gist of this trip goes like this: spend a day on the water armed with a crab line or fishing pole, and in the evening, grab a crab knocker and tackle an all-you-can-eat plate of the area’s best seafood. Stay overnight at Colton’s Shipping Point Cottage in Avenue. Make a stop at Quade’s Store in Bushwood, where you’ll find bait, tackle and more. You can charter a boat at various places throughout the county or launch your own from nearby Robert E. Pogue Park. Other Trails sites with ramps, piers or just good waterside spots for fishing include Smallwood State Park and Piscataway Park. Also Cedarville State Forest and Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area (both have lakes).

End up at Capt. John’s Crab House and Marina in Cobb Island (you can even come by boat). No fancy finery here. The tablecloths are butcher paper, and if you need a napkin (and you will), just tear one off the roll. The waitress will be along shortly with another dozen of the big ones and a little more melted butter. On this trip, you might have to let your belt out a notch to make room for those last few hush puppies, but you’ll never have to wonder which fork to use, and you’ll never go away hungry!




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