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To be accepted into the Southern Maryland Trails, sites must be in one of the five Southern Maryland counties (Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s, and St. Mary’s) and meet the criteria below. A Trails staff member will conduct a site visit/evaluation to confirm eligibility.

Farms: Working farms must offer safe and hands-on or interactive, authentic farm experience. Carnival-like atmosphere will disqualify farm. Must be safe, neat and orderly, (no non-running farm equipment in public view). May also offer experience of natural environment (eg: migration of birds, butterflies) with interpretation. For farms stands and shops, at least 40 percent of products must be produced, harvested or made in Southern Maryland. (Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.)

Farmers Markets: To be eligible, at least 50 percent of a market’s vendors must be Southern Maryland farmers. (To qualify as a Southern Maryland farmer, the vendor must live/farm in Southern Maryland and at least 50 percent of the products he/she sells must be locally grown or produced.) The farmers market must be a safe and organized environment that is easily accessible to the public.

Wineries: Wineries must be locally-owned and a portion of grapes used must be Maryland-grown.

Art Studios: Artists must create professional fine art and high end fine crafts. "Professional" means that the artist earns a portion of his/her income from original art or handmade fine craft. The quality of the artist's work should be recognized as having achieved a degree of excellence such that it is consistently accepted into any of the following venues: galleries, juried art & craft shows and/or exhibitions, shops for collectibles. All art must be original designs, made by hand on site. Commercially made items, kits, molds or embellished objects do not qualify. Dealers, resellers or manufacturers do not qualify. Reproductions such as prints or cast items of the artist's originals ARE permitted. Applicants will be juried. Artist's studio MUST have a separate entrance or be otherwise separated from personal living space. The workspace must be safe for visitors.

Art Classes/Workshops: Venues that offer authentic experiences in which a visitor creates a handmade art or high end craft piece in the course of a workshop or class are considered. The studio must be locally owned and classes must be offered on a regular basis. Workshops/classes must offer a unique or unusual opportunity to create original art or craft (no kits) and preference is given to courses which feature items relevant to Southern Maryland’s culture or made from materials grown, harvested or made locally.

Art Galleries: Galleries must offer high-quality, original artwork (as described above). A percentage of art offered in the gallery must originate with Southern Maryland artists.

Lively Arts: Well-established performing arts organizations (dance troupes, theatre groups, bands, etc.) that offer regular performances and have a physical venue are considered.

Eateries/Restaurants: Eateries must have a reputation for good food and feature dishes with local products or local cuisine. They must be locally owned and a portion of dishes should be prepared using locally harvested products (eg: local seafood, meat or produce).

Lodgings: Historic inns, B&Bs or farm stays with an historical underpinning and/or gardens or grounds deserving recognition are considered.

Parks: Parks, natural areas and gardens that celebrate the horticultural/agricultural/natural resource diversity of the area are eligible. These must offer experience/viewing of natural environment (eg: migration of birds, butterflies, indigenous plants, etc) with interpretation and/or hands-on or interactive experiences reflecting on unique features of Southern Maryland.

Special Attractions: Sites that do not fit the categories above may also be eligible, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. These may include:

  • Historic sites or museums that relate to Southern Maryland’s natural resources or agricultural heritage
  • Locally owned shops and services that feature local products (i.e. a seafood store)
  • Townships that have a unique identity and offer cultural amenities. Townships must contain at least four Trails sites within Town limits and must have a centralized administration
  • Destination Gardens that celebrate the horticultural/agricultural/natural resource diversity of the area or educate/demonstrate the area’s cultural heritage
  • Additionally, sites that qualify in multiple categories (i.e. a site that features both a B&B and a restaurant) are designated special attractions.

On the Water: Sites may be designated with this symbol if they are on or near the Chesapeake Bay or a Southern Maryland river. Sites containing a man-made water area or lake may be eligible.





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